Weekend which was problematic

Disclaimer : Old post. coming out of my drafts.

Yet another weekend,planning to go home on friday.This time 5 of us booked ticket.(Naanga onne sendhaale nalladhu nadakkathu)Till tuesday morning it was peacefull,it turned ugly when cinema halls were attacked in bangalore.From that day, i constantly kept watch in thatstamil to get updates.It became worser day by day.Thursday night it was clear that people had to suffer.All TN bound buses started from Hosur only.We were lucky to board a private bus in madiwala to hosur which went in some rural route and dint go via the Hosur road after electronic city and somehow reached hosur by 2100. But bus was rescheduled to 2330 so that people can reach hosur by that time.Heard from one my friend that buses are blocked on hosur road by ‘activists’ and that he had walked from Attibele to TN border.Had horrible time in hosur to find a decent hotel(All were worse than the muniyandi vilas types).I must say onward journey dint give much of discomfort for us though it would not have been the case for many. After MKs statement, one hoped everything came back to normal and i cancelled my KSRTC ticket on sunday(i repent now) and booked SETC on monday from my place.

Monday :

1930 : Bus started but the conductor gave tickets only till hosur and did not assure bus would goto bangalore.

0245 : Bus reached hosur and after 5 minutes conductor told buses wont go beyond hosur. S**t.Came to road there are hundreds and hundreds of people standing like us.None of the KSRTC bus stopped, no means of transportation.

0300 : Finally some auto drivers started cashing in.For a 6 km distance to the border the fare was 50 Per person.Got one by 0315 and reached border by 0345.Then started walking till Attibele bus stand which was roughly 3-4 km.

0400 : Got a city bus going to KR market and then got a bus to my place and reached room by 6 am.

Horrible journey from 0200 to 0600.

Well all this is experienced by lots of people who went home for 3 day holiday.Reason was the act by few morons who even reported that the problem is as related to power projects initially.

I am not supporting either side. Violence should be handled strictly  whoever is doing.Its like the little brother of terrorism.I dont know what is going to happen as now the elections are over.

One good outcome personally was that i learnt train is little comfortable for return journey starting 2315 at chennai and reaching at 0530 and can be booked (horribly) via irctc. I hope the APIs reach out soon and private websites give booking facilities.