Skandagiri Trek

Yes, you read it right, unusual things happening today.Like am posting more than a post on same day in an otherwise very much inactive blog, i also did a trek to Skandagiri.(Kalavaarahalli betta)

It was all decided on a conf call on thursday night.

Friday night 9 pm :- Dinesh picked me and we were heading to Praveen place at nagawara and went to Praveen’s place.Raj joined as around 1030. We were chatting till 1230 at his place and then started. The road going towards airport was awesome. Dinesh frequently touched 87 and occasionally 90+. Then we had a break just before Airport flyover and had tea. Started around 2:45 from there and started towards ChikBallapur. The road wasnt that great as it was from Hebbal flyover till Airport Flyover.Steadily went in 40-50 and reached the town of ChikBallapur around 330.[We were assisted by Google Maps to reach ChikBallapur, For those who dont have, just go straight on NH7 and after Devenahalli untill you cross 3rd level crossing,you reach ChikBallapur] We struggled which way to go to reach the downhill from there. Different people had different answers and we dont know whom to believe.Worse is more than half of them dont know that such a place exist. Finally we reached the downhill at 4. There we need to register for forest entry and optionally take a guide(200 Rs). From then on its walk walk walk. Initial enthusiasm lasted till 530 am and after that i was like tired. We sat and had snacks we had taken, glucose and continued. Finally reached the peak at 615 am looking for sunrise. But sun was late and didnt come till even 740. We had nice photo sessions and were chatting.Photos to be uploaded soon to my picasaweb. It was a well needed rest i must say and the climate was awesome.Wind was very strong.Completed all that we had bought and were reluctantly started moving down. Moving down was little bit of tough task as the fog had settled in and made the rocks slippery. Yours truly slipped at lot of places and at one place was saved by dinesh who had slipped just before me and was in a position to reach me easily. Then we moved down slowly and finally reached at 915.
Then started back and started straight to Hebbal. We thought of having some cool drinks but some how came till Yelahanka were me and dinesh had some rest and some cool drinks. Traffic started from this point.The BIAL volvo services most of which run empty in night were now filled with people. Again it was a long journey for us from Nagawara to Domlur. Finally reached around 1115. A memorable trip.

For people willing to go, please take

  1. Toolbox for bikes and firstaid kit for emergency. We almost felt the need of them
  2. Enough water. Make sure each one has atleast 1 Litre of water for self.
  3. Emergency lamp helped us though torches will be suffice for individuals.
  4. Try to have a drawing of route you are gonna travel. Though on highways we had google maps, but we almost wasted 45 minutes finding the road to downhill.

Nicely taking rest as i walked looong way. Was a good weekend stress buster after a tight week.