Localisation Tools @ Wikimedia

As part of my role at Wikimedia Foundation, I shall be posting about things related to localisation / internationalisation efforts at Wikimedia Foundation Localization team and things generally related to Wikipedia / i18n.

For those who are unaware of the way it works, here is a short intro.

  • Wikimedia projects exist in 280+ langauges.
  • The software Mediawiki is localized at translatewiki.net which itself is a wiki powered by Translate extension
  • Similar to the large army of volunteers who contribute content to Wiki projects, there is also a small army (~5000+) of volunteer translators in all these 280+ languages.

The localisation team develops / maintains extensions / additional piece of software which help users of these language versions of the Wikimedia projects read / contribute to them by providing tools which assist them.

I will keep posting more about these in detail in the days to come.