Translating and Editing SVG

Picture is worth 1000 words. Illustrations are key in conveying the idea in a simple visual manner. But editing them puts in a entry barrier of knowing to use the tools to edit them even if it’s a spelling correction / minor update. Translating them into other languages was even more a pain. It won’t be the case anymore once the User:Jarry1250‘s TranslateSvg extension gets deployed after final touches. It is currently available at for beta testing. It nicely sits on top of the Translate extension, so one gets all the nice features like translate suggestions from the translation memory among others.

Another feature that will be very useful(not yet available) in improving editors ability to use these illustrations effectively will be Online Cropping / Editing of SVG. User:Planemad did an amazing map of Indian National Highways. But for individual highways one has to crop the particular segment and recreate though doing this manually takes a lot of time and effort. A lot of geo-visualisation illustrations can be easily made if there is a tool which is as simple as TranslateSvg that can make these.