Writing short texts

I used to blog sometime back in college. I wouldn’t say twitter killed it. Its mostly my impatience to sit and write long texts. So I now attempt to restart sharing content in “my own” place (as against a facebook wall post :)) writing extended short texts about myself, Wikipedia, Tamil, Technology, Public Transit, Chennai, India and other random things.


Crazy title, well im writing this for the sake of it,cant think of a better title.Im just thinking why i havent blogged for 2 months now.That too when i got internet connection a month back.Yes cable net provided by youtelecom,speeds are Okay,unlimited 192 kbps so just downloading movies.For a week i can excuse myself for being having a hectic schedule. i had “graduated” sometime back and am an ‘ingineer‘.Met few of my friends after a long time, dont know if i will be able to meet them next time.The next week after that went for travel as i travelled from Bangalore-Kalpakkam-Chennai-Kolkatta-Bangalore in 4 days. And Cleartrip had a great offer, 10 movie tickets free @ INOX!!(I never knew the offer existed when i booked, i just booked the cheapest ticket in cleartrip).

Due to worst mistake done by dear pal sanjeev (he read reviews of all movies for 2 hours and booked the worst rated,he says its the problem with the site) during online booking,first movie was worst one “Thotta” on Mar 2.Then back to work and had the “hectic” 10 days release period.Since i had to exhaust remaining 8 tickets, went to 10000 BC and “Black and White” with colleagues in bangalore.Yes the second one being a hindi movie,but now able to understand normal conversions,so movie wasnt so hard to understand.Last week back to chennai for cousin’s marriage and went to movie called Vantage point.It was interesting in first half,then it was more like Gaptain’s movie with all sort of unimaginable stunts.Met few friends on sunday and went to a good movie atlast in the 10 tickets.Vellithirai was a good flick.

Travelling to and fro to chennai by bus on weekends is pathetic.I wonder why trains are always full.There will be 10 buses lined up and you never know which one you booked for.For 11 clock bus, i came to know that my bus is cancelled and i had to board another bus(1045) only at 1050 and the bus left at 1055 though i was in bus stand at 930 itself and whenever asked about my bus,got a casual reply,it will come and even the conductor doesnt know properly what is the timing.When asked my friend that is it the case only with SETC,he said its with every bus service(even the private fellows).

Meantime i started my hands at cooking also,starting from milk,noodles to ready to eat are now common things.Once a week ‘trying’ to cook rice also 🙂 But washing vessels is a major pain.

Meanwhile me using windoz, as im unable to(not finding time to) configure my cable internet in ubuntu.Initial googling gave very little results.So if any of you know to connect cable modem in ubuntu,please ping.Expecting some change in Ubuntu 8.04 due next month.Its nice to internet at home.Am almost back to college days, catching up online with friends,(now started blogging also :P),orkutting,watching lollu sabha by downloading,browsing freely.

I have started liking this game tribalwars and playing it for 2 weeks like mad. I dont know when my next post will be, Untill then keep visiting 😉