Java’s Depth & Sun Tech Days

Till i joined a course on j2ee,i thought java is a simple prog language like C/C++[not degrading them,but comparitevely..]. When i learnt J2EE, i thought java is vast. Though i dint have full time & devotion in learning j2ee, i had the fire that one day i will finish it, as i knew the basics.Well that was java for me till i went to sun tech days.

Well i have noticed that conferences like these being held in star hotels for lumpsum[15000 Rs for 3 days] mainly targeted towards professionals.So initially when i saw the ad, i wasnt attracted. When i came to know it was being offered for Rs.500 with 3 days lunch & goodies,i thought i would have a go & explore java some more.

On the day before i just went to thier site & saw the agenda.I was like a schoolboy lost in crowd.I dint understand what the abbreviations meant.I downloaded materials,tried to have an intro,i was blank on more than half the topics being covered.

I went there & had 4 sessions,i sat 2 sessions in which i have sound knowledge.They were a real treat. The keynote with contests on java's power using apps built were too cool.The judiciary software rocked & is being currently used in India. It was a day of mixed thoughts & exposures in java.At the end it was a great Q & A session which only 20 of us attended. Mr.Peter, Mr.Sundararajan ( were amazing.I got a T Shirt for asking a Q.To our surprise we all got a bag(worth 500 by itself!!). Though music night by Shiv mani was arranged, i left coz i had 2 hr travel to reach home.


Well day 2's first session was on a dry subject. Next was java puzzles. Boy i loved it.Though i couldnt get through,i was ultimate fun.During the afternoon i sat for netbeans session & mobile progming.Mobile prgming attracted me. Was very eager to attend the next day.

Some of new things in java industry which i never heard till that day were
AJAX(i have heard but knew nothin on it)
Performance monitoring

Day 3::

It was NetBeans day. Having done a project using it, i was eager to know more on it.To my disappointment there were some repeats of day2, Mobile programming using netBeans created lot of enthu in me.Sadly none are there now.On the whole it was good exposure into netBeans

Coming onto general things,We had reasonably good food all three days with coffee breaks.It was during one such breaks we knew about solaris.The guy who explained about solaris rocked.Though we dint know any internals or ground work on solaris,he explained from core.

During these 3 days,my day started at 6 in morning, boarded the bus at 630.Went to Trade Centre,Sat through sessions,came back at 7pm,boarded bus to reach home by 930. Went to bed. I was totally cutoff from rest of the world(Internet mainly)

After sun tech days, my knowledge on java became 0 comparing the rapid development in one year span.Well i think i will catch up with technology one day or the other…….

Java rocks


3 Responses to “Java’s Depth & Sun Tech Days”

  1. k.srikanth Says:

    This is for u logic”Great blogging da!!.A very nice first blog to read. continue this!!”


    I met logic(L.Srikanth) in the very first day of the commencement of our college (SSNCE) in our college auditorium seated next to me.Since we had identical names and we were of same department,when our names were called for allocation of our respective classes we both rushed up as our last name or intial was not mentioned. unfortunately they were confused about our allocation our sections.since then we were placed in the same section and we attended our lecture sessions together.As sems passed away we became good friends.


    I just came to know about this guy’s programming knowledge in the lab session.Wow he was awesome!!! and he is still continuing his spell of magic in the lab session.Iam sure of his bright future in computer field, escpecially programming and every one of our class(CSE B also CSE A) agree with me.

    Thank u for patiently going through my comment.Have nice time blogging.

  2. garun42 Says:

    hi anna
    This blog and the group moderation seems superb


  3. garun42 Says:

    Hi anna

    This topic in ths blog seems quite a big rated aspect

    Nice going of the linux group and the blog.keep it always up

    Looking at this navaric blog seems quite a bit lenghty but eye(I) can withstand….

    Nice spells and gramms…hope to learn more…..


    yours sincerely
    (G.Arun bala)

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