Ullam Ketkume More!! — College Life Part 2

For the sequel readers/puzzled buddies, thats the answer.I will mention about it at the end,It happened during 5th sem.

Disclaimer :: Long post on college life..

My circle was expanding, 5th sem was the most enjoyable sem.The AJP class comedy,Classroom games starting with Dias Tennis,then squash in the new block.We even had a seperate room for squash.Symposium which gave me first sense of team work,movement with seniors.The “Debugging” which we organised bought premkumar and me closer.The 5th sem tour to bangalore and get-together did gave us a break from routine.Online activity increased among everyone.I would be starting the “mokka conf” as and when i find more people and things will be total fun.The most memorable conf was building story based on boogaji’s creative works.There were also few flame wars in yahoogroups and yours truly had always been part of every war 😀 .Late night chats with fellow nocturnals like Achu, HOD niggy, Ragesh brought us even close.The exam hall tension was even more great fun.More than 10 of us sitting near the class,those 2 hours we study and still have fun.Yogi’s tension,LIC narasimhan’s gethu, Dicha Library’s (sure!) questions which made me pass most of the times.One the whole 5th sem was the evergreen sem of our class.The postponement effect of CSE ‘B’ reached annauniv and sem was also postponed due to rains.Klueless 1 solving was at peek during those days when me and ooba worked together online after long time after a OPC in 3rd sem.

Sixth sem was even better.Classes seldom happened.Me and “machi” premanand shared great rapport during this period.The “mini” project and maxi experiences from it are sweet memoirs when looked back now.Fellow geek and a caring buddy,my first linux guru.His words “machi ..” will be fresh in my ears.Few staffs got some cool insults from cool dudes deepu, hostel prasanna.Then the C# comedy project which me and vikki did.The compiler lab comedy which me and VK did.Had nice time going to guys houses.The Sun Tech days experience,tragic death of vasanth all seem to have happened within seconds.
Orkut had given us an extra space to hang out and fake profile episodes by pandiya and deepu provided us awesome fun.Instincts was another awesome time,had nice moments for 2 days on informalz stage.SSNLUG was formed after a LDD by ilugc people.Elections which never happened,What an awesome week.We the mod squad(Merchants of death..lol, we moderators, achu,aswath,sanjay,me) were trying to help organize things.As individuals we learnt what is what in politics better.We had great time.The treat at anjappar followed by cricket @ vinod’s place just before 6 sem exams was one of the best get-together apart from joe’s treat,dicha’s sis marriage i had attended.

Those one night stands before the exam and phone study(story listening/telling) all through night with CRK.

Seventh sem started with a pain of missing few seniors,then the work for symposium Paradigm2k6 started.and i was also trying my best to make things happen @ SSNLUG. Jakku became close during this time.Classroom football, 5 cards which i taught to guys became hot favorite and a day isnt complete without it from then on.The OPC experiences,the night before paradigm(deserves one post,will write later),had many experiences to share which will make this post endless.Met some really cool juniors during this time.The comprehension comedy which me and prem did in 5 mins over phone,solving klueless2 again as a team,the status message war between me and mokkapair- rb hotted up before each UT on the preparation(Though only vikki,sanjay,only a few more know how i write my UTs 😀 ),the night at hostel with raj before the arrear which made me all clear. The tour was awesome to say in a word on which sanjeev has written all the posts.Me and sanjay shared almost everything in those 10 days.Last few days inside classrooms were pleasent initially.Blogging became hot among mates and new bloggers thala whose part timejob is to kalaai me & sanjay have been making few great stories .College Day and Farewell was enjoyed well.The last few days when i was undergoing trauma,my friends stood for me as pillars to make me what i am today.

Will miss all the OA !sure!,weight ra nee,maar thaar,guhuhu, juniors and all you people who somehow or other made an impact on me.May the future show us all the doors and let us be together forever. BackseatBoys will always be there.

Well many moments might have not been covered.Cricket was one thing i had never been(probably once) along with backseat boys

4 kilometers of a journey which passed through bumpy rides,super highways,how many ever kilometer im destined to ride,this 4 will have the best lap timing 🙂

The most cherishable day:

When you ask any college student,the most obvious thing would be cutting classes and going to a movie.But this movie we watched comes in the most cherishable moment for an all together different reason.Since our college is in remote place,watching movies in theater cutting classes is too difficult with no means of transport to go outside.So it was a typical ordinary day in 4th or 5th sem.(My mind says 4th sem, but release date of the movie is June 2005[but tat movie came after a long delay and possibilities that we might have seen before release on theater on PC,ok leave that.]) We all went to vinod ram’s room @ Gents hostel-I.Since nothing was happening in class, almost everyone(even 100% attendance ‘fruity’ was there) came to his room.Though few of us already watched the movie,we decided to watch the movie ULLAM KETKUME.20 guys on a room,we dint had proper space to sit back but we enjoyed to the core.Whats special about the movie was, the story was tailor made for our class.We had each character of the movie in our class.Each scene was “localized” and it was one ‘heaven’ of a time.Shyam — Sam, Arya — Ramprasad, Parthasarathy ,Venkatadhiri(Palam) — Fruity library so on.. Im not going on further, guys i guess you can recollect the other chars and the stories.

College Life — Ullam Ketkume More!!

And the prize goes to Kadhal Doctor for guessing it right.He gets a moser baer DVD of ullam ketkume. Lets not indulge in piracy.(ahem ahem).Sorry if you are angry with too many outgoing links,was just visiting each page of the college life through those pages 🙂

Last but not least.Apart from commenting on the post, If you like Feel scribbling anything on my slambook,please do it here 🙂


16 Responses to “Ullam Ketkume More!! — College Life Part 2”

  1. K.Srikanth Says:

    Nice sequel, write more of such posts !!!
    ya da, that day in hostel was really a memorable one, v laughed our heart out that day.. cant forget it 🙂
    Really proud to be a part of r class ,CSE B !!

  2. achu Says:

    semma semma

  3. achu Says:

    n lol@kadhal mannan …

  4. sridhar Says:

    dei.. if u ask me i’ll say 5th sem. Awesome… i’ve been reading your blog for a few months… nice work da.

  5. Srikanth Says:

    //Really proud to be a part of r class ,CSE B !!
    Yeah indeed..

    lolz — kadhal manan

    Thanks for the compliement 🙂 Nee 5th sem thaan thoongaama irunthiyo?

  6. BOB Says:

    Well I must confess you are the best striker in the game of classroom football and ur no.of goals/match is just amazing something like Sir Don Bradman’s performance in cricket.It was a nightmare standing as a keeper in ur opposition team.

    I was not there with u in tht Ullam Ketkumae movie .I still even dont know wht exactly happened tht day .Too bad 😦

    Need I say how you have remembered and cherished each to get them here. Kudos to the toil u’ve taken to get those links in the post.

    Enna dhan en link twice potturundhalum thalanu pottu damagae pannadhu manasuku varuthama irruku. 😦

  7. Srikanth Says:

    Thanks for the wonderfull comment.

    I hope you are not kalaichifying me on classroom football. Yes they were awesome days.But bradman range and all konjam over kalaai maari irukku. And just watch the movie and relate the characters mentioned in the post.You will enjoy it for sure.Pretty sad that kalaai king missed the day of kalaai.

    Great people will not like them being praised.You showed that character.Enna sonnaalum neenga thala thaan. 🙂

  8. Ragesh G R Says:

    hey! superb post(s) da. so nostalgic, recolecting all of ’em one by one.. hmm I too missed that Ullam Ketkume Day :((. U have inspired me to write a similar one as well.. Cool work, keep it up da..

  9. Srikanth Says:

    Thanks machan.. yeah so nostalgic.. Pity. i guess u almost got the sense of enjoyment we had that day after watching movie.I thought of tagging people , but since this is a diary entry and not a tag,i left it..

    And if i inspired you to write a post(be it watever) that itself is quite an achievement, and yeah im eagerly waiting to read yours…

  10. sanjeev Says:

    superb work da.. u captured almost everything.. reg tht comment by u n achu..
    @ logic.. machi enna patthi therinjuma nee ippadi sollita..
    @ achu’s remark.. machi .. andha achu oru school paiyyan..!

  11. Srikanth Says:

    thanks machi.. lol naa kadhal “doctor” nu thaan sonnen.. that pervert achu thaan.. btb now only i understand his childishness and why he said he will goto CTS in bermudas. lol..

  12. achu Says:

    u shud insult ur readers da.. .

  13. achu Says:

    *not… 😛

  14. Srikanth Says:

    lol.. achu tension !!
    poi padi.. and then write the answers and see school boy.. appo thaan handwriting ku marks kadaikkum.. 😛 Im proud to have you as my youngest reader 😀 will follow your advice.. //will insult my readers da.. 🙂

    As such you are my only reader :))

    i can see blood coming of your ear now..

  15. Ponnarasi.K Says:

    Hi Srikanth,
    That was really a very nice post.. Nostalgic especially 😦 The links and the photos added more life to the post..

  16. Srikanth Says:


    Thanks. its nostalgic indeed 😐

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